Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Some of my webmail contacts don't work in MPSConnect.  What's wrong?

A: This is probably due to one of two issues:

  • The email address is not fully qualified, i.e. "".  This worked in webmail, which was an internal-facing email system, but will not work with MPSConnect, which operates on Google's global email system.
  • You are trying to use a contact that you had set up in webmail as a "group".  Unfortunately, groups were never a supported feature in webmail, and as such there was no reliable means to convert these contacts into a proper "group" in MPSConnect.

    MPSConnect does have a very powerful contact group mechanism.
    Please watch this video tutorial to learn more.

Q: Can I still use Eudora, Outlook, or Thunderbird?

A: You can no longer send or receive email through these applications from within the district network.

We have tools in place to facilitate the migration of data from Eudora, Outlook, and Thunderbird into MPSConnect.  Check out the Migration page in our Help section to learn more.

Q: Will my Eudora attachments be moved into MPSConnect?

A: No.  Eudora stores attachments in a way that is not compatible with most modern email systems, including MPSConnect.  However, you may always access your attachments through the Eudora program, or through your hard drive.

Q: I have already created a Google account using my MPS email address.  Will this interfere with my MPSConnect account?

A: Yes and no.  You should still be able to login to view your old calendars and documents in your Google account, but they will need to be migrated to MPSConnect.  You will no longer be able to create or edit calendar information in your old Google account.  Please see this tutorial to learn how to migrate your calendars and documents.

Q: My old webmail messages are not showing up in MPSConnect.  Where are they?

A: 99% of webmail mailboxes have been processed, but there are a few accounts that did not process correctly and we are processing those boxes manually to correct these issues.